Newborn Session

Sessions should be done under two weeks old, ideally between days 5-14. This is because of the rapid disappearance of newborn traits. Developmentally around week 3-4 most babies get a case of baby acne and start experiencing some stomach discomfort due to the fast increase in milk/formula consumption or they become colicky. They are also not as sleepy and some of the more advanced poses require a very sound asleep baby in order to achieve the pose.

The session will last somewhere between 2.5-3 hours. If you want family and/or siblings to be photographed with the baby please let me know and we will plan on doing this at the end of the session. Please note that I do not recommend that siblings participate in the whole newborn session as the studio will be warm and the sessions can go over two hours. The heat and the time required are too much for siblings to withstand.

The studio will be very warm, somewhere around 85 degrees. Be prepared for the Bahamas, I recommend dressing in layers. This is a requirement in order for the baby to be comfortable and well soothed throughout the session. Babies have a hard time maintaining their body temperature and the heat is provided in order to make them more comfortable and sleepy.

I may need some assistance with some of the more advanced shots. I would prefer that this not be mommy as sometimes the smell of mommy or even the voice wakes the little ones up from the deepest sleep, this is also the safest since I don’t want mom straining or hurting herself.

What to bring:

  • Binky/Pacifier even if you are not using them just to help me get them in a deep sleep
  • Bottle with formula or breast milk - Please bring more than you think you will need.
  • Bibs/burp cloths
  • Diapers
  • Wipes

Things to do:

  • Please feed the baby prior to coming to the studio. We will start with another feeding at the studio to ensure the baby is full.
  • Dress baby in an outfit that buttons down (does not require pulling over head)
  • Dress baby in loose clothes in order to prevent skin marks
  • File the corner of the finger nails (prevents scratches during posing)

What to Wear?: 

  • Avoid all white or black color combos, neutral colors like beige and grey work best
  • One person can wear a neutral color (white, grey, beige) then the other person can wear any color
  • Avoid matching outfits, but rather try to find outfits that complement each other
  • Avoid clothing with logos and busy patters that will distract

If baby is sick, please reschedule. Usually within a couple of days they bounce back.