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Friday, August 17, 2012
By Lilliana Quintero
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The picture that inspired me to specialize in newborn photography is from the sweetest twins ever.   The fact that they are insanely cute and a boy and girl were just the icing on the cake.   I always aspired to someday have my own photography business and after photographing these sweet twins I knew right there and then that the time had come.     When I saw their pictures on my screen I couldn't stop looking at them.   I always liked photographing babies and children but these sweet newborns made my heart smile.   I realized that for me newborn photography is incredibly special.   I realized that after all of the pictures that I have of my very own kids, the ones that I seem to treasure the most are the ones from when they were born.   Oh, and I have a lot, let me be clear about that, but I just think that their first portraits is something you treasure as much as your wedding pictures.   Becoming a parent is exciting and scary and it completely turns your world upside down, but once things settle you wake up and start seeing the world through their eyes.   On days that I photograph a newborn I feel refreshed, energized and very much alive, it's kind of like a reset/reboot button for me from the busy hectic lives we live.  There was one particular picture that I'd like to share from their session that is very special to me.   Every time I look at this picture something special happens, it takes me back to when my children were born and I can almost smell their sweet scent and I feel that peace that I felt when my days consisted of sleeping, nurturing, and bonding with my babies.    I think that is the most I've ever been at peace, it was like heaven on earth for me and I think you would agree.       

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Veronica Vilar - Hi Lilliana,
Those are the kindest words, you are a great person and photographer. Two years later and we always go back to all the pictures you took and love them ALL. During our sessions you always kept me at ease (hint, hint the new mom syndrome) and you were so sweet and careful with my babies. That was very special and we will never forget it, thank you for all the beautiful memories you created for us!